Robbie Williams - Mack The Knife

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Intro  |C6|/|/|/|

Oh, the shark babe has such Dmteeth dear, and he G7shows them, pearly C6white.
Just a Emjack knifeCdimi7 has old MaDmcHeath babe, and he keeps G7it out of C6sight.

You know when that shark bites, with his Dmteeth, dear.
Scarlet G7billows start to C6spread
And fancy Emgloves though Cdimi7has old MacDmHeath babe,
So there's never, G7never a trace of C6red.As

On the Db6sidewalk, one Sunday Esmimorning, don't yAs7, Db6ou know
lies a As7body, just oozin' Db6life.
Dbdim7 Ebm
And someone's sneaking 'round the corner,
Could that be our boyAs Mack the Db6Knife?A

From a D6tugboat, down by the Emriver don´t ya know,
There´s a ceA7ment bag just dropping on D6down.
That cement Ddimi7there is there for the Emweight dear
Five will get you ten old AMackie's back in D6town.B

Dear Louis Es6Miller, he disaFmppeared babe,
Bb7 Eb6
After drawing out all his hard earned cash.
And now MacHeath spendEsdimi7s, he spends just like a, Fmlike a sailor
Could it be, could it be, could it Bbe, our boy´s done something Es6rash?B

Hey, Jenny E6Diver, oh Sookie F#mTaudry,
Look outB7 Miss Mary Lennor, ohE6 Lucy Brown
Here the line forms,Edimi7 on the F#mright babeB.
Now that MacHeath's, back in Etown.C

I say Jenny F6Diver, oh Sookie GmTaudry,C7
Look out Miss Mary Lennor, and ohF6 Lucy Brown
Here the line formsFdimi7, on the Cright babe.
Now that MacHeath's, back in F6town.Fdimi7, F6, Fdimi7, F6, Fdimi7

F6Look out old MacHeath is back!

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